Improvements You Can do in Your Bathroom

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom? Here are some improvements you can check on so you can have a successful bathroom remodel!


  1. Toilet 


You might want to consider a toilet with a hidden tank this time. Toilets that have a hidden tank has its storage vessel for water mounted in the inside of your wall. There are several benefits when you invest in this kind of toilet besides having a bathroom that’s clean looking. This is actually very beneficial as well when you have a bathroom with lesser space because it does not accumulate space. Toilets that are low flow can help you save the earth as much as the time you spend flushing the toilet. Just a heads up! Maintenance with this kind of toilet is not really easy since everything is hidden in your bathroom walls. 


  1. Shower Tile 


There are a lot of options for your bathroom floors and walls however always consider going for floor tiles that are small and textured. Small and Textured bathroom tiles for your floor keeps you from possible slipping when you shower.  


  1. Plumbing 


I’m pretty sure one reason you want your bathroom renovated is how you want it to be more stylish and functional at the same time and one way to do that is to consider that plumping that goes on in your bathroom. The usual size of the pipes in your bathroom is 1 or 1/2 and has a pvc material. These types of pipes can easily clog and can stress you with drainage problems. Consider installing pipes that are 2 in diameter this time so that you can easily use the bathroom without getting a headache on drainage problems.  


  1. Think through your tub needs 


I know having a tub in a bathroom has always looked fancy especially on magazines, however do you really need it? If you do not have ample time for baths in your tub consider ditching the idea and save some of your budget and opt for a shower alone instead.  


  1. Window 


One way of ensuring your bathroom is clean is having a window. Your window will be the one responsible for humidity issues because proper ventilation is needed in order to achieve a bathroom that is clean. Maybe you want to opt for a bathroom fan, however bathroom fans do not always give much ventilation compared to a window. Of course, it is always better to let natural air in! 


  1. Lighting 


The bathroom you have only has very little access to light, especially if you only have one window. The proper lighting in a bathroom is very subjective. If you are someone who likes to enjoy their baths at night, opt for something dimmer however always make sure that the light in your mirror is bright enough to have a proper lighting for when you do your hair and makeup.  


There can be more things that can be added here to make sure you will achieve the bathroom you want. One way to know more on how you can better renovate your bathroom is consulting an expert about it. If you want help check on for more details!